Monday to Sunday 7:30am - 7:00pm

Your Donations are Valuable

Roca Norte Outdoor Climbing Gym is an outdoor rock climbing spot with the services, personnel and conveniences of a gym. Roca Norte Outdoor Climbing Gym Corporation is a non profit organization created by 21 Climb and Tour to make available the rock climbing sport for children in shelters of Puerto Rico, educating about our island’s geology and providing a natural setting for children facilitating wilderness engaging, science, social and emotional learning, hands on leadership and team building experiences.


Powerful words we always use and can make a real difference. Help us making science and fun adventure available for social and economic disadvantages groups and to create the basis for grow in them the passion for nature’s protection and wilderness engagement.

40 Kids


First rock climbing experience as and outdoor adventure and karst geology introduction.


33 Kids


Full geology workshop, fossil hunt and outdoor activities in a natural setting.


2 Kids


A wonderful experience of three day sessions of guided rock climbing.


3 or 7 Kids


A day of rock climbing for 3 kids or hiking for 7 kids.


1 Kid


One day of outdoor adventure activity.