Monday to Sunday 7:30am - 7:00pm


Marianela Mercado and Kenneth Irizarry are the two visionaries behind Roca Norte. A passionate outdoor couple, professionals in the area of rock climbing guiding, geology and tourism, providing of an unique outdoor setting to enjoy and learn rock climbing through diverse climbing services for ages 3+. Find yourself immerse in a cozy mountain setting while looking for an adventure for the whole family or friends, training programs, birthday activities, or as a solo visitor. 

The hard work behind Roca Norte as a rock climbing setting was significantly facilitated by nature when the notorious phenomenon Hurricane María in September 20, 2017 devastated our island, destroying all vegetated cliffs around our place, making it clearer to start our vision of making rock climbing accessible in Puerto Rico.  

Roca Norte is licensed by Departmento de Recreación y Deportes de Puerto Rico.  Marianela and Kenneth are also AMGA Certified SPI Instructors.


Our exposure to natural spaces at early ages was fundamental to becoming the naturalist people we are today, and we thank our families for that. However, we are driven to provide the opportunity and natural spaces for children and adults to engage in wilderness activities and rock climbing as a recreational sport and lifestyle.


We created a social initiative where children socially or economically disadvantaged get rock climbing trips and/or science outdoor education at no cost. Through this and with people like you it’s possible for children living in home shelters of our island to have these experiences sponsored by your donation and your booked experience with us.


We are who we are by the people we connect with and the inclusive service we offer for everyone. We do not discriminate against religion, gender, race, age, politics, or any other superficial boundary.


It’s impossible for us not to be involved in environmental community service. We have been focusing our attention in Cueva Las Carmelitas clean up since early 2019 by coordinating volunteers, material sponsoring from the Major and recently got the FEMA attention on this to recover this natural jewel.

"Imagine all the people living life in peace"

John Lennon