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Roca Norte in Vega Baja is a unique centered location in the north coast of the island with easy access to other natural areas nearby and the most famous crags of Puerto Rico. 

Aside of showing you Vega Baja best spots, we will also help you get to other places around the island. For each particular area we can provide you with places to stay camping, hiking, good food options and must do's. 

We can also take you internationally! We prepare adventure expeditions including the very best of the location along with our passion for rock climbing, hiking and camping. 


We have an international reputation for excellence and clients from all over the world are happy to recommend us to their climber friends and/or colleagues. 

Our staff is vastly experienced also with special populations such as children, including those with special needs like autism, or partial mobility, also elderly, children in shelters and big groups.

Our prices are extremely reasonable and especially considering the different advantages we can give you compared to other places. 

We will always take you to the best and beautiful spots based on your abilities and goals.


We are professionals in the areas of tourism and geology, with a strong background of certifications, international exposure, and more than 15 years of experience working with groups, wilderness safety, science based experiences for children, outdoor education and wilderness engagement with different age populations, beginners, experienced, locals and visitors. 

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