Monday to Sunday 7:30am - 7:00pm

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the minimum or maximum age to rock climb?

  • Minimum age 2 years old. Maximum age will depend on the health and stamina of the person. You should not have injuries or conditions that could be aggravated by the physical exercise of climbing. If you are in doubt ask your doctor.  

2. Can I climb if I have an injury or health/mental condition?

  • You should not climb if you have injuries or a recent surgery. In terms of mental health its well known that outdoor activities such as rock climbing can help anyone looking for nature contact, calming environment, executing physical and balance movements while also practice perseverance, focus and empowerment. If you are in doubt always ask your doctor. 

3. Do I need a reservation to climb for the first time as a Guided Climbing?

  • YES. Go to the Guided Climbing option

4. How hard is rock climbing for a beginner

  • Rock climbing for a beginner is a mix of a physical and the mental state of the person. Generally speaking, people who practice sports, regularly exercise and-or are relatively lighter in body weight are more likely to do it easier, if they are not scared of heights or any other mental limitation. However, we have seen many persons who are not sports practitioners, do not exercise regularly and are relatively heavier in body weight and can successfully rock climb, because they are not scared of heights or have any other mental limitation. 

5. What is the height a beginner person could to climb?

  • The highest route for a beginner in Roca Norte Outdooor Climbing Gym in Vega Baja is around 50 ft high. The shortest route for beginner can be 25 ft. However, you dont have to climb all the way to the top, you can always choose the maximum height you want to do. 

6. Do I need previous experience in rock climbing in order to climb?

  • If you do not have previous experience, you will be guided by a rock climber who will help you get the most of this first experience.

7. If I have previous experience in rock climbing can I go and climb by my own

  • You can only climb by your own if you are properly trained, have a trained partner with you. You will also need your full climbing equipment of rent it here. 

8. Is the climbing equipment included in Roca Norte Outdoor Climbing Gym?

  • If you are in a Guided Climbing experience or Training program YES it is included.   

9. How safe is rock climbing for a beginner?

  • We use Top Rope technique as it is the safest way to rock climb, where a rope is set up through the wall anchors and a doubled bolted (3,000 pound strength expansion bolt each) anchor. Our climbing routes are protected with stainless steel bolts, continuously monitored for quality and all climbing equipment is in excellent state.

10. Can children do rock climbing?

  • YES. Generally speaking, children are flexible, fearless, full of stamina and lighter in body weight. However, we recognize not all children are the same and some may experience this height for the first time and the support of parents is very important. Respect their experience and help them face any situation will be beneficial not only for this experience but for any other. 

11. Is Roca Norte Outdoor Climbing Gym real rock?

  • YES, everything in this gym is natural. Real rock is what you will climb.

12. What are the gym hours?

  • Monday to Sunday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. 

13. Can I enroll myself in a training program without having any rock climbing experience?

  • YES. However, it is recommended that you try it for the first time in order for you to know if this is something you would like to have several times in a month. 

14. Is the equipment included in the training sessions?

  • YES. However, you can get brand new gear also, if you want!

15. How difficult will the training be?

  • We are personal trainers, we will adjust to your pace, see potential and match a training program to get your goals. That being said, your training can have different approaches according to what you want to obtain. Some people want to have rock climbing as an alternative to train several times in a week or a month in contact with nature. Others need to complement their actual training (running, swimming, CrossFit etc.) with rock climbing sessions in the weekend. It will depend of what you want. 

16. How long are the training sessions?

  • Training sessions have a minimum of two hours, however in that time you will be doing also stretches, warm up exercises, rock climbing and rest time. 

17. How many sessions can I have in a month?

  • It’s up to your availability. We have training sessions for 6, 8, 10 etc. hours a month. A typical person working from Monday to Friday may have only time to do a 4 hours session or more in the weekend, however a person having availability during the week can have more sessions, longer or shorter. You decide how many hours you will use in each visit!

18. Is this training for beginner climbers or more experienced?

  • BOTH. However, we use the difficulty of the rock itself to develop climbing routes, which means by now that people who wants to develop techniques to climb the rock difficulties (5.8 u to 5.12a) will definitely have enough playground.

19. Will I be with other people while I train?

  • Training sessions are private or with at least other person and your trainer. This will depend on the case but people with similar training capacities or goals could be in the same session.  

20. Are these training sessions on a month basis?

  • YES. You don't have to stick with year-round contracts! If you will be traveling, get sick or something else happens you don't have to renew it!


1. Do I need a tent to stay in one of the campsites?

  • NO. You dont need if you will be camping in Roca Norte (Patio Camping or Rock Shelters) since we provide it. Also for all inclusive campings we provide it as well. You will only need to bring your tent if you want to camp in Malua or Mountain Top campsites. 

2. Can I have an all inclusive camping experience for a group of 7 or more?

  • YES. We can provide with tents, air mattresses, dinner, campfire, smores, and breakfast for 75$ per person. This option is available for Roca Norte (Vega Baja, Malua (Cayey) and Mountain Top (Cayey) Campsites. In case you need additional services you can request it and we will send you a special quote. 

3. Do I have to walk/hike to get to the campsites?

  • NO. All three campsites have parking at the campsite you will only walk in a flat terrain for a few steps. 

4. Do all campsites have bathroom/shower?

  • Camping Malua has bathroom with an open to the forest shower. Mountain Top doesnt have shower, but it does have toilet and sink. In Roca Norte you will have a full bathroom with shower. 

5. Are the campsites located in a safe area?

  • YES. As in any other place you are not exempt of the possibility of some crimes. However, Malua is located in the lowlands of Carite Forest, at the end of a non trafficked road, with a few neighbors. No one has ever reported a crime in this zone at least for the last 15 years. Mountain Top and Roca Norte campsites are located also in private properties secured by a gate which are closed at night.  

6. Is there a minimum age for camping?

  • NO. All campsites are kid friendly and as in any other place adults should pay attention to children at all times and identify any potential danger such as campfires, trips, falls, etc. 

7. What are the prices for camping?

  • Prices vary per site and will also vary if you are interested in an all inclusive camping event. For prices you should go to each campsite description or the Special Events sections. 

8. What is the Check in - Check Out time for the campsites?

  • For Malua 12:00 pm to 12:00 pm next day. 
  • For Mountain Top campsite is 10:00 am to 5:00 pm next day
  • For Roca Norte is 3:00 pm to 10:00 am next day

9. What other things are included in the campsites?

  • At Malua you will have: bathroom, shower, camping stove, sink, utensils, chairs, a ring for campfire and a mountain view.
  • At Mountain Top you will have: three toilet bathrooms with sink, campfire area and a panoramic Caribbean Sea view.
  • At Roca Norte you will have: bathroom, shower, camping stove, utensils, chairs, campfire pit and a mountain view. 


1. Are your expeditions for beginner or experienced climbers?

  • BOTH. If you are a beginner climber you can even start climbing 6 months before the trip and see how it goes for you. 

2. Do I have to be in a very good physical condition?

  • YES. By this we mean, you engage in any type of cardio/strength training and be consistent for at least 6 months before the trip. 

3. Is the climbing and camping gear included?

  • Only climbing gear is included in all our trips. 

4. What else is included?

  • Ground transportation, guides service, park entrances, camping fees and everything else except food and air tickets. This is applicable to all trips. 

5. How many persons can go to these trips?

  • Up to 8 persons plus guides. We up to 10 depending the case. 

6. Should I pay the whole trip in advance?

  • YES. However, we have monthly payments flexibility, in which you can make deposits each month prior to the trip for your convenience.

7. What things should I get for these trips?

  • We will send a complete list of the items once you email us with your interest in becoming part of the trip. Roughly everything for camping and hiking. Climbing gear will all be provided. Also, we have different camping and hiking gear we can rent to you. 

8. Do I have to cook everything, what is the food logistics?

  • It will depend on the trip but you can cook breakfast, get something for the day in a supermarket or nearby store, and dinner can be in a restaurant or similar. 
  • That being said, you will not be in the middle of nowhere you will always have options to buy food or to get food in advance if you are going far from it. 

9. How cold/hot are the areas to be visited? Are there bathrooms? When is the air ticket going to be bough? 

  • Please all site-specific questions should be addressed by email to get the most detailed information through a series of documents we have prepared for each site. 


1. What areas do you offer for a moderate to strong hiking?

  • Canon San Cristobal Hike would be your best option for this.

2. What areas do you offer for children to hike?

  • Three options for this purpose:
  • - Geology Workshop is offered in Vega Baja for groups under 10 children. If the group is larger than 10 we may change it to do it in Parque Julio Enrique Monagas in Bayamon for quality purposes. 

  • - Beach Hike in Manati
  • This is a short 1 hour hike or less by the coast in a flat rocky and sandy terrain.

  • - Bird Watching Hike in Roca Norte
  • Short 20 minutes hike in our climbing spot in a very rocky and sometimes steep terrain. Suitable for kids older than 6. 

3. Is there anything provided in the hiking trips?

  • For Canon San Cristobal life vest and helmets will be provided. 

4. What type of shoes should we wear?

  •  For Canon San Cristobal boots or good grip shoes. For the lighter hiking options hiking sandals or other good grip shoes. 

5. What is the duration of the hikes?

  •    For Canon San Cristobal may be 3-4 hours approximately. For the lighter hikes it can be from 20-45 minutes. 

6. Are we going to enter any water?

  •   Only if desired. Not applicable for the Bird Watching trail in Vega Baja.